What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger Point Therapy was developed by Janet G. Travell, MD, a pioneer in the development of myofascial pain treatment. She was President John F. Kennedy's personal White House physician and found methods to relieve his severe and chronic back pain.  Dr. Travell's research demonstrated that each trigger point in a muscle has a specific pattern of referred pain.  Simply stated, a myofascial trigger point will produce pain and other symptoms in another part of the body. 

Who is Trigger Point for?

Anyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort that radiates to other parts of the body or muscular issues that tend to not resolve with traditional massage therapy.

Athletes tend to have overuse injuries that can hide deeply within the muscles, creating a pattern of mild to severe spasms, otherwise known as "trigger points". These hidden or "quiet" spasms not only shorten the muscle fibers decreasing power, they also leave you susceptible to debilitating cramps on the course. 

What makes Trigger Point so amazing?

The referral patterns are what set Trigger Point Therapy apart from most other modalities. When your neck muscles are creating headaches, or your glutes sending shooting pain to your low back, you need to find that source of referring pain. Through holding pressure on trigger points, we can be guided to that region that is short-circuiting your system.