What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue is just that: very deep work on your muscles. It's focus is for the therapist to work down through the layers of muscle, stripping from origin to insertion. This provides lengthening of the fibers, a clearing out of adhesions and knots, and helps to break up scar tissue.

Who is Deep Tissue for?

Anyone who needs deep bodywork that is therapeutic in nature. It includes more pressure than your standard spa massage yet yields amazing results when performed by a specialist. Chronic injuries, achy backs, sore legs from workouts, and tight shoulders all see great benefits from regular deep tissue work. 

What makes Deep Tissue work so amazing?

It gives the therapist the ability to dig deep through the layers, stripping and realigning muscle fibers along the way. Using deep tissue you can access the entire muscle from top to bottom, even when seated deeply in the body. Working the underside of the of the muscle allows us to leave no fiber untouched.