Jill Sulak, LMT, ART, has been practicing bodywork since 2006 and has easily become one of the best therapists you can find. She is full-body certified and a Master-level provider of Active Release Techniques. Jill loves to work with athletes who need help staying fresh for races or rehabilitating from injuries as well as those non-athletes suffering from general muscular pain. Her knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and how everything works together gives her the ultimate advantage of problem solving for quick resolve. Jill is your best choice for a therapeutic massage in San Antonio. 


Scoliosis.  Hand therapy.  Plantar fasciitis.  IT Band.  Rotator cuff.  Low back pain.  Runner's knee.  Rigid shoulders.  Overuse injuries.  Spinal conditions.  Migraines. 

What Others Have to Say

"Tonight I had one of my best runs in a long, long time. Since it happens so infrequently, I forget how wonderful it is to run with NO pain. I had no issues with ANY of the many odd aches and pains I've been having the past few months. Thank you God for reminding me why I keep at it despite falls and injuries! Thank you Jill Sulak for all you do to help me have great runs like this!"   - Elizabeth Culver, runner
"It's always so easy to play the viola after an appointment with you!"
- Jill Van Gee, musician
"My back and neck haven't been this loose and pain free for months."
 - Eddie Wolf, MD